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About Jeeps R Us

JEEPS R US began in 1989. It was started as a hobby by owner, Larie Tales. Larie always loved and lived cars. He street raced as a kid, later becoming a professional drag racer and running his own auto repair shop, which he sold to move to California. Larie modified everything he owned; nothing was ever fast or tricked out enough. So when his wife Vicki wanted a Jeep, he made it the fastest and most tricked out Jeep possible. Everyone was impressed by the modified Jeep. Without having advertised the jeep, someone made him an offer that he couldn't refuse. He sold it without her knowledge and with the money he promised to build her a better one. Again, after a short while, someone made an offer on that jeep that he couldn't refuse.

Larie was on to something. After selling two Jeeps he decided to rent a small space in Laguna Beach and the trend continued. Larie modified Jeep after Jeep, working alone with only his hand tools. He had no employees and no computer. JEEPS R US grew and grew. Larie had no idea the off-road industry would expand the way it did. His hobby quickly became a full-time job: one that he loved and was completely dedicated to. Very soon thereafter, he moved to a larger location, hired a staff of superb mechanics, purchased a complete assortment of diagnostic and repair equipment, and stocked a full complement of Jeep parts. JEEPS R US now ships Jeeps worldwide.

Larie is a cowboy at heart and lives by the code of the west. He runs his business with the belief that your word is your bond and a handshake is as good as gold. He applies the knowledge of a lifetime to the Jeeps and designs them like an artist. Larie takes great pride in "getting it done right." Each Jeep is built and maintained with extra care, as if it was Larie's own. Larie can be found at JEEPS R US from open to close, always happy to talk Jeeps with anyone. The customers of JEEPS R US end up more like friends.

See photos of our expert mechanics and jeep remanufacturing specialists at work.


Jeeps R Us 4x4 Mechanix Cover   Jeeps R Us Petersens Cover
See Jeeps R Us on the front cover of 4X4 Mechanix.   See us in Petersen's 4 Wheel & Off-Road October 2004 issue.
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