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Jeeps R Us carries
AiROCK Suspension System

Airock Suspension parts

AiROCK™ is a computer controlled coil replacement system. The coil springs are replaced by our custom air springs, and the bump stops are moved to the custom shock absorbers that come with the kit. The system includes four air springs, four shocks, the user interface, the AiROCK™ Control Unit (ACU), four sensors, stainless steel brackets, and the wiring harness and tubing to connect all of the components.

AiROCK™ ties into the Vehicle Speed Sensor, (VSS) which in conjunction with the ACU, allows the system to know the vehicle speed and height of all four corners at all times. This information allows AiROCK™ to operate in three different driving modes, which include "Off Road", "Highway" and "Freeway". The end result is the best of both worlds--total control of your vehicle's behavior off road, and a safe, level vehicle at higher speeds.


jeep with suspension installed

AiROCK™ allows the user to control the height, pitch and roll of the vehicle with a touch of a button. Push the "right arrow" and your vehicle leans to the right, push the "up arrow" and the vehicle rises to its maximum height. Press the "check" button at any time and you return to your predetermined level ride height. A simple, intuitive dash mounted interface provides a powerful way of telling your vehicle's suspension how to behave in real time.


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